Rayzor Edge Films are currently working on a number of very exciting new projects including:


The Beast - When Eddie Met Arnie

A Feature Documentary exploring the legacy of the 2017 worlds strongest man, the only man to ever pick up 500kg from the ground, Eddie 'The Beast' Hall.

The film which is to also feature 7 time Mr Olympia, Actor, Governor and all around icon Arnold Schwarzenegger along with Boxing's Heavyweight Champion of the World Anthony Joshua, will be exploring both the struggles and success of the strong man legend Eddie Hall. Diving into the depths of what has inspired and pushed him to achieve everything he has to date whilst also looking towards what is next.

Let No Man Know

The true tale of Tom Molineaux begins amidst the unparalled brutality of a 19th century tobacco plantation in Richmond, West Virginia. The story portrays the rise and subsequent fall from grace of former slave, Tom Molineaux.

Tom, born into slavery, was taught to fight by his father Zachariah, who himself, had perfected his pugilistic arts through his many years spent as a ‘Mandigo fighter’. Mandigo’s were slaves, pitted against slaves, for the amusement and financial gain of prominent slave masters and plantation owners.

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Reapers Shaddow

In 2034 the UK had split leaving a post apocalyptic England alone in the world. Surviving is the hardest thing you’ll do in this Unsceptred Isle, unless you’re trying to die, that gets harder. After Eighteen years Jon Maitland returns to Launceston in the hope of finding that death...

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A tale of two brothers whose characters are as diverse as their colour.  This film explores the limits of loyalty between family when the brothers are tested in a cruel twist of fate in which entwines police corruption, violence and crime.  What limits will the brothers go to in order to secure their families future when desperation and prosperity are the only paths ahead.


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The Eternal

The Eternal is a unique tale transcending centuries, with its origins in ancient Arabia, to its continuance in 19th century mid western America.

The story unfolds through the recollections of a tough looking cowboy, seated before a crackling campfire.  We hear of the time forgotten deity, Szaa-vath and his crusader nemesis.  A man, bitten by Szaa-vath and who's subsequent descent to death was stalled by heavenly intervention, rendering him neither dead nor alive, but simply an entity that cannot die, in essence... an Eternal.

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